W3C SVG 1.1 Test Suite

This page contains a set of examples from the SVG 1.1 test suite. These examples are provided here to give an indication of the current status of the svg2swf implementation.

svg2swf version 0.5 was used to generate the flash files using the following command-line:

svg2swf --dsize 480x360 --cubic 20 --default-font _sans.fdb --asf pan_zoom.as <svg file> <swf file>

The default image dimensions are set to 480x360 so that the resulting image matches the reference image as closely as possible. The cubic curve approximation error threshold is lowered to 20 to give better results. The same font is used in all examples and this will result in differences when compared with the text in the reference image. The pan_zoom.as actionscript file provides simple pan and zoom functionality:

Click to get focus. Pan: press the left mouse button and move the mouse. Zoom: use the mouse wheel or the '+'/'-' keys to zoom in or out. Press 'r' to reset to the original scale and position

Not all examples provided in the test suite have been included in the list. The following were omitted because they are currently outside the scope of svg2swf:

The following examples were omitted because they test features not yet implemented:

The following examples were omitted because they cause an assertion failure in libming resulting from text character codes that are outside the range provided by the available font file:

styling-css-04-f.svg was modified to resolve a CSS syntax error caused by a '(' at the end of the <style> element content.

struct-use-05-b.svg referenced an external SVG document svgRef1.svg which did not declare the SVG namespace. The SVG namespace declaration was added to the document.

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